Saturday, July 1, 2017

2017 MTAC Convention Day 1 cont.

Many joyful things happened in the exhibit hall....

Being a member of both MTAC and MTNA/CAPMT,  I am delighted to help out at the CAPMT booth and promote the organization during the convention.  It is a privilege to belong to both of them, with MTAC being the longest CA professional music teachers association and CAPMT being affiliated with the National MTNA. They provide professional connections and invaluable resources for both teachers and students. Here is my picture with the CAPMT president Noreen Wenjen since I was the first one to help out on an opening day! 10 am sharp. It was good that I had the jetlag from traveling to Asia to keep me wide awake in the morning hours.

One of the best advantages of attending a conference is to visit the exhibit hall and check out the books and music that I want. Not to mention the opportunity to meet with the authors and composers whom I admire! Got an autograph from Mr. A, Dennis Alexander, on his favorite solo piece collection when cruising Alfred's music booth, lucky me! 😊
Since there is no line, Mr. A and I had a bit of discussion on his compositions and teaching with using technology just right before his inspiring presentation, which he included my new fond app "SuperScore." Hmm, time to update my app review as well.

I have also discovered an excellent survey book on piano concertos, which just published this year, with an inclusion of contemporary composers! Exactly what I am looking for over the years. My review is coming soon!

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