Monday, July 3, 2017

2017 MTAC Convention Music App Sessions

One of the most important thing to attend a convention for me is to learn new ideas and seek improvements in my teaching. Today, I enjoyed Ms. Lelia Viss's "Music App" and "Baroque theme" sessions as well as Dr. Gayle Kowalchyk's "Technique for Life." Both of them provided ample information on how they use those tools and concepts in their teaching.

In Ms. Viss's App sessions, I am glad to learn more about music history/appreciation apps, which I have been researched for some time. Some of them are really fun and educational. She also talked about her teaching approach of "bench time," in which students will work on assigned apps for about 30 minutes while prior or after their lessons. This is an efficient way to foster student's learning on the subjects of theory, ear training, and history which does not always get done when they are assigned as weekly assignments.

However, when designating a "study time" on those learning subjects right before or after their lesson is a good way of ensuring their learning. I have seen tremendous results and improvements for the past 10 years when I started to require my students working on their ear training requirements of the RCM/MDP 15-30 minutes right or after their lessons on their "tech time," and this even doesn't require of me being there since the software or apps will correct their mistakes! All I need to do is to give learning guidances and tips when they starting a new subject or level. Then I can fully concentrate on teaching them repertoire and technique as a "Piano Lesson" intended to be!

If you are interested in incorporating technology into your studio with traditional lessons but are new to this approach, consults with Leila Viss's website, which has a lot of information. There are some useful tips on using apps for a variety of subjects on my app review page as well. (Just a quick reminder that all the apps that recommended by Leila are only for ios, iPad/iPhone.)

You can DOWNLOAD THE HANDOUTS on the MTAC convention website or check out more invigorating sessions!!

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