Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Fun Music Theory/History/Listening App Part I

Many of my lovely piano students have a very little knowledge about the "Classical Music World".  It is not that they don't want to know but rather don't know how to CONNECT. Here are couple wonderful apps that I introduced to them and have gotten exciting responses. Now they know who Beethoven is, his timeline and representing works!! Even better is that they will no longer call the bass clef "left hand"!

Classical Music I: Master's Collection Vol. 1 by MagicAnywhere
This app has a very informative collection of 120 representative classical music of all genres and periods like Bach Air on G Sting. They offer a free version of shorter samples. You can upgrade the app to a deluxe version for $4.99 and gain the access to the full version of every piece which also links to youtube performances.

In addition to listening to repertoires that my students are currently learning either the original music or a simplified version of an orchestral work, we use this app to observe and compare various periods styles as well as performances.  If you are teaching a music appreciation class, this app will get your students familiarize all the classical repertoire that they ought to know.

Even as a professional musician, I found this app beneficial. It refreshes my memories of some music that I less heard.  A great app for both teachers and students, and even family members!