Monday, February 26, 2024

Student Achievemnts 2024

 It was always a pleasure to write this blog about my students' achievement. They strive their best and progress steadily in both the Royal Conservatory Music program as well as the competitions! Here are the detail list of the results!

For the 2024 United States Open Music Competition:

Sanyi Yao, who has won the first places 5 times that include Outstanding Gold Medalists and Special Scholarship Awards in the Showcase Piano Solo category! This year, she also won the first place, the Outstanding Gold medalist and the Crystal award. She also invited to participate in the masterclass. Check out her performance.

Rui-Wen Lin, Eric Zeng and Larry Pham also placed 2nd, 3rd and 4th places in the Treasury of Baroque Intermediate and Classical category.

For the first half of the academic year, several students have passed the RCM exam with first class honors with distinctions: Zoey Meixner Larry Pham, Kaylee and Madison Chem. 

Some of them received perfect scores on their repertoires and etudes which means that their performance is truly exceptional:  Maggie Sun (Level 10), Larry Pham (level 5), and Rui-Wen Lin (Level 5).

Congratulations to these students achievement! I am so proud of you. 


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