Monday, October 26, 2020

Highlights for 2020 MTAC SCB Online Pedagogy Seminar

Here are the highlights for another wonderful time of teaching the 2nd year of Pedagogy Seminar for the Music Teachers' Associations of California, Santa Clara Branch in 2020. Because of the recent  COVID pandemic, we had the seminar via Zoom. Nevertheless, we had a group of diversifying and enthusiastic teachers and engaged in vivid and inspiring conversations weekly! The seminar covered topics from Beginner to Elementary levels which can be used for all levels of teaching. 
  1. Online Teaching during the pandemic: We shared insights and tips on how to teaching online effectively. Discussions include sound improvement, using Zoom for group class and recitals, teaching strategies on communication, demonstration. and more. 
  2. Fundamental techniques: In addition to a list of my essential go-to techniques, I also introduced how to use Hanon and Czerny to reinforce these techniques in creative ways! We also shared insights on how to apply these techniques to all levels of playing.
  3. Musicality: We have discussed developing musicality through listening to the melody and understanding the phrasing, dynamic shading, rhythm, and pedaling. 
  4. Musicianship: I have introduced some Hall of Fame apps and my favorite sight-reading series that are helpful to both studio teaching and home practicing. 
  5. Students learning patterns and behavior: This helps teachers to better identify students' learning processes that can lead to a more effective teaching approach! We talked about visual/aural/kinesthetic learning styles as well as the Four Temperament by Dr. K. Golay. 
In addition to these topics, we also discussed choosing methods books and reporters, how to motivate students, and what qualities will make the best teachers! Overall, another productive seminar of exchanging teaching ideas and inspiring each other!


  1. Dr. Chang is a great instructor! She covers a lot of essential topics that piano teachers should know in this seminar. It is highly informative, helpful, and motivating.


  2. After I finished Dr. Chang’s piano pedagogy seminar, I learned a lot from her. She presented a lot of useful piano teaching tips to us, they also help me to have my teaching plan more systematically. I also learned a lot of knowledge that I didn't learn from the school, which allows me to help my students to be more successful in piano learning.

    1. Thank you, Alice! I am so glad that this seminar is helpful to you :)

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed learning from Dr. Chang. She provided specific examples for each topic and answered all my questions satisfactorily. I also had the opportunity to learn from the experiences of the other teachers who participated in the piano pedagogy seminar. Now, I have new ideas that I can implement to improve my teaching practice!

  4. Thank you, Sharon, it was wonderful to have you in the class and hearing your insights on teaching young beginners!