Monday, August 22, 2022

MTAC Santa Clara County Branch Piano Pedagogy Seminar 2022

It is exciting to resume the Piano Pedagogy Seminar for our branch this coming fall 2022. This seminar will be both online and in-person and focus on the INTERMEDIATE level, approximate CM levels 3-7!! Topics explored include:

  • Techniques for Tension-Free Playing: This topic is in high demand and the most popular one among the workshops I presented. It provides a systematic approach that enhances your teaching and your students' playing! It has been featured in both the MTAC convention and the CSUEB piano pedagogy symposium. I will discuss challenging techniques such as ornamentations, balance, pedals, and coordination that target the intermediate level of playing. 
  • Musicality
  • Standard repertoire literature survey
  • Teaching demonstration: explore and share teaching approaches on specific challenging pieces or sections.
  • Practice skills and habits
  • Performance preparation and anxiety issues
  • Group discussion: great for deep diving into individual concerns
  • Online lessons and studio management

Date: Sept 20 - Oct 25, every Tuesday, six sessions
Time: 10:30-12 am
Location: Lincoln Glen Church San Jose, 2700 Booksin Avenue, San Jose,  CA 95125

The zoom link and recordings will be available to the participants.  

The registration form will be distributed to our members via email or you can contact me directly.