Monday, September 4, 2023

Pedagogy Seminar for MTAC Santa Clara Co. Branch 2023!

There will be five exciting sessions for this year's Pedagogy Seminars that encompass all levels from beginner to advanced that target techniques-practice-motivation!! 

Date 9/28-10/26
Time: Thursday at 10:30 am - 12:00 pm
  • MTAC Santa Clara County Branch members $150 
  • non-members $200.
Session 1: Teaching Scales with only four fingerings groups!! 
No more memorizing or reading boring finger numbers but understanding them from keyboard topography and theory. 

Sessions 2 and 3 feature eight tension-free fundamental techniques  
  • Establish a solid foundation and fix stiff hands, awkward hand positions, and weak fingers for beginner and elementary students. 
  • It also enables intermediate/early advanced students to achieve sound and musical expression without tension. It addresses advanced techniques such as ornamentation, octaves, repeating notes, and more. 

Session 4: Motivation through practicing habits, learning style, and selecting study goals such as festivals and exams!! 

Session 5: Q and A. I will collect your questions in advance and discuss them in this session. This is a beneficial session since there are no limits to the questions you like to submit. Great opportunities to exchange ideas! 

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