Friday, June 23, 2023

My presentation on the intermediate techniques for the MTAC 2023 Convention

 It is a great honor to present for the MTAC convention this year on 7/1, Sat 3:30 pm. This presentation, "A Systematic Approach of Teaching Tension Free Techniques for Intermediate Students," will help teachers to instruct these techniques to the students in an organized and effective way. 

This is a continuous session from the one I presented four years ago, entitled "Eight Elementary Techniques that Help Students Build a Solid Foundation for the Future." in 2019, before the Covid!!

Since then, I have developed and presented workshops and seminars to promote this systematic Fundamental Techniques Teaching Method in both workshops, pedagogy seminars, and webinars.  This session will surely bring you a deep insight into how to teach intermediate students these quintessential techniques that will allow them to fulfill the musical expression they dreamed of!

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