Tuesday, February 26, 2019

US open music competition winners

It was an exciting week to see that my students who participated in this year's United State Open Music Competition have all won a place in their competing categories!! 

The awards include 1 Outstanding Gold Medal, 3 Gold Medals, 3 Silver Medals, and multiple bronze medals and 4th places! I am very proud of their achievements and am glad that their hard work and dedication are rewarded accordingly. 

This year, the competition has a new judging system that includes preliminary and final rounds. It was interesting to see how the first set of judges select the finalists, and the second set of judges decided the winners' ranks. The gold medalist received a cash prize and performed in the winner concert. Additional "Outstanding Gold Medal" was awarded to the best performance in a group of winners who performed in the winner concert.

My students who have attended the award ceremony shared some of these memorable photos with me. 

Sanyi Yao received the Outstanding Gold Medal and two Gold Medals. 

Esther Kim received Gold, bronze and 4th place medals. 

Logan Song received two Silver Medals. 

Congratulations to these young talented musicians, and thank you for making my teaching such a remarkable journey! 

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