Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Piano Pedagogy Practicum Class II for Teachers!

This "practicum" class offers a practical approach to teaching and is designed especially for piano teachers. In this class, the participants will receive in-depth information and solutions to common issues on specific topics and levels.

This class is the second one in the practicum series. It continues from the previous beginner and elementary and addresses some of the challenges and difficulties that students face when transiting from elementary to late elementary or intermediate level:
  • Learning obstacles that cause a student's progress to slow down or want to quit.
  • Struggle with playing up to tempo with good quality tone and control.
  • Technical aspects: fingers independency and dexterity, hands coordination, balance, playing chords with voicing, etc.
  • Teaching scales and arpeggios 
  • Reading and rhythmic counting issues
  • Musical phrasing and dynamic control
  • Effective pedaling
  • Memorization and practice strategies
Class information:
  • Siting limitation: each class will only accept 3-5 participants to better address individual concerns 
  • Class format: seminar with lecture and group discussion 
  • Length: 75 minutes 
  • Location: Sunnyvale studio, CA
  • Frequency: Four classes every two weeks. Participants will have the opportunity to review and experiment what we have discussed in the class.
Please contact me 408.675.9896 for detail information and enrollment. 

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