Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Piano Pedagogy Practicum Class for Teachers!

This "practicum" class offers a practical approach to teaching and is designed especially for piano teachers. In this class, the participants will receive in-depth information and solutions to common issues on specific topics and levels.

For example, one of the classes is the continuation of my most popular workshop "Fundamental Techniques for Beginner and Elementary Students and Beyond." This class includes techniques, dynamics controls, articulations, practice strategies, and musicianship drills. It addresses the following subjects but not limited to:
  • How do I fix awkward hand position or bent joint?
  • Why are the fast passage notes sounded uneven or having unison problem?
  • Why can't they play musically? 
  • Why can't my students practice correctly?
  • How can I improve my students reading or counting ability?
  • How do I choose repertoire to motivate students?
Class format:
  • Siting limitation: each class will only accept 3-4 participants only to address individual concerns with the benefit of small group discussion
  • Time: 75 minutes session
  • Location: Sunnyvale studio, CA
  • Length: Three consecutive weeks per topic/level concentration. Participants will have the opportunity to review and experiment what we have discussed in the class during the following week
Please contact me 408.675.9896 for detail information and enrollment. 

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