Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Fun Music Theory/History/Listening App Part III

Want your students to know more about classical music composers, their backgrounds, timeline, and compositions? These two apps are designed to help your students access that information with lots interactive features. 

Informusic -Classical Music History & Composers by Informusic
This is an excellent app for high school and music students, and even teachers to gain cross-reference about composers' works and bios. You can search the composer based on the timeline or the names. They have listed each composer's bio with a historic background, representative works, and even provide sheet music to go with the music examples!!

It is such an informational app that serves as a teaching aid to both private lessons as well as music appreciation and history class.

My First Classical Music App HD by Naxos Digital Services Ltd.

Absolutely adore this fun interactive app! Not only my students enjoy it, their families too!! it is so relatable to daily life and easy for my students to make connections with. you can either listen to or read it. 

It provides a huge amount of information with categories of When?Where, People (composers), and Instruments. Some of the trivia is very interesting and engaging. For example, Classical Music is often played in outer space to wake astronauts from their sleep on the space shuttle.

Overall, this app is like a classical storybook with interactive features. It is the perfect introduction to classical music for students age 4 and older. 

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