Thursday, April 30, 2020

60 Seconds Music Relief Project

In the recent event of the covid-19 pandemic, our society experiences fear, uncertainties, and doubts. However, I also see the strength and dedication of people who are risking their lives to helping others. 

At the time like this, as a musician, we can all contribute to the society by playing music to relieve stress and tension. Hence, I have created this project “60 Seconds Music Relieve” in collaboration with my dedicated students. Because of the current shelter-at-home phase, they have been practicing fiercely and video recording pieces that are ready to perform in our annual Studio Spotlight recital in May, which is canceled due to the pandemic.

Many of the pieces are from the RCM Celebration Series Perspectives, which is the official textbooks for the RCM exam. If you are teaching this program or searching repertoire inspiration, our video playlist would be a good resource! 

We are on three different social media platforms. Hope you enjoy our selections of music :)

Stay safe, healthy, and enjoy the blooming of Spring! 

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