Monday, September 17, 2018

4 Study Plans that Ignite the New Academic Year!

Like my students, I am looking forward to the new academic year with excitement and the feeling of exploring the new adventures. Here are a couple of fun ways to bring my students up to the speed for the new semester!ignite
  1. Curriculum Exam: It helps your students and their parents know which level they are currently in and what to look forward to. It also requires students learning all aspects of music that includes not only playing pieces but also the theory, ear training, and techniques (scales, arpeggios etc.). There are many wonderful state and international (RCM, ABRSM) curriculum exams to choose from. When interview a new student who never took the exam before, it is important to consider both his/her musicianship and performance ability in order to place the student in an appropriate level. Here is my workshop on this topic, which compares a variety of Curriculum Exams, pros and cons, and how to help students preparing them. The Nitty-Gritty of Comprehensive Curriculum ProgramsNitty-Gritty of Comprehensive Curriculum Programs. It will be featured again on 10/18 for MTAC Los Altos Branch Program
  2. Events: There are adjudicated events and competitions that can definitely motivate your students learning! And some of them are in progressive levels 1-10 too. For busy parents and high school students, the online submission will be an excellent choice too, e.g: MTNA eFestival
  3. Recitals: It is important that students shall play at least once a semester to showcase their learning, particularly if the students do not wish to participate in the exams or events. In addition to studio recitals, check out your local teachers' associations for additional performing opportunities!
  4. Repertoires: The exams, events or your "theme recital" can be the guide for choosing the repertoires. I like to pick the repertoires that target both students' strongest and weakest areas to give them both pleasure and challenge. I also enjoy adding new composers' compositions into my teaching library. My recent ones are Lera Auerbach and Lowell Liebermann. Here is a wonderful blog by Dr. Jane Magrath on the subject! Choosing Piano Repertoires for your Student. 

Have a great start in the new academic year!! 

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