Friday, May 11, 2018

Pedagogy Workshop for MTAC Los Altos Branch 5/24!

It was delightful to receive the invitation from the MTAC Los Altos Branch to present one of my most popular workshops "Essential Teaching Tips for Beginner-Elementary Students, and Beyond"!

If you missed it in January, please join me for this workshop which shares information not only for piano teachers but also teachers with other instruments!

Experienced awkward hand position, bent joint, very little practice or counting problems? This workshop provides solutions to these common issues by focusing on three aspects of teaching: (1) the fundamental techniques that shape the future advanced playing, (2) the efficient practice strategies that ensure successful at-home practice, and (3) the hall-of-fame music apps that make reading/counting drills and ear training so much more fun!!!

Date: Thursday, 10:15 am, 5/24/2018
Location: Private teacher's home, please contact me

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