Sunday, October 30, 2016

Dvorak "Dumky" Trio

I learned about this daunting masterpiece during my first year at the graduate school and felt completely in love with it. "Dumky" is the diminutive form of the term "duma", which refers to epic ballads, specifically a song or lament of captive people. In music, it is used as a classical form that indicates a brooding, introspective composition with cheerful sections interspersed within. The piece contains a total of six movements and is like a dark fantasy with sections resonating recitatives (opening). It was challenging for the trio to be in sync with various tempo changes. I was very fortunate to have partners like Ido (cello) and Sa Ye (violin). Here is my live performance recording (piano part, of course :) for the 2nd movement. Dumky Trio

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